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Flat roof insulation rock wool board

Brand : Wonderlead
Product origin : Hebei,China
Delivery time : 7 days
Supply capacity : 4000 Tons per Month

High-strength roof board:

Flat roof insulation rock wool board is a product exclusively designed for flexible waterproof roofing and flat roofing structure. Flat roof insulation rock wool board has excellent resistance to pressure,concentrated load and delamination as well as good fireproof,waterproof,denoise and thermal insulation performance.

Product superiority:

1. High compressive strength.

2. Resistance to concentrated point load.

3. Good thermal insulation performance.

4. Sound absorption and noise reduction.

5. Excellent fireproof and waterproof performance.

6. Flat roof insulation rock wool board easy application.

Process size:

Product application:

1. Flat roof insulation rock wool board applicable to a variety of building structures with requirements on high compressive strength and point load.

2. Usually applied in insulating layer and bearing layer of flexible waterproof roofing system;constituting roof covering system together with flexible waterproof rolls,vapor barrier layer and system fasteners.

3. Widely used in workshops,airports,shopping malls,sports venues,storage facilities and other steel-structure metal roofing systems or water-resistant systems for concrete flat roofing.

4. Flat roof insulation rock wool board applicable to remodeling work of old buildings,featuring simple application,no need for maintenance and long service life.

High-strengh Roof Board Technical Parameters
Properties HS40 HS50 HS60 HS80 UNIT Standard
Compressive strength
≥40 ≥50 ≥60 ≥80 kPa
EN 826
BS 2972
Point load(Amount of Compression:5mm) ≥200 ≥300 ≥500 ≥700 N EN 12430
Fire Performance Non-combustible -
GB/T 5464-1999
Reaction to fire-Class A1
EN 13501-1
GB 8624-2006
Thermal Conductivity(Average Temperature:20℃) ≤0.039 W/mk
EN 12667
Water Repellence ≥99 % GB 10299
Water Absorption ≤0.5 kg/m2 EN 1609
Dimensional stability <1.0 % EN 1604
Agring Expansivity ≤5(Rate of change in thickness after 24 hours of accelerated aging when the temperature is 65℃ and the relative humidity is higher than 95%) % PREN 14509
Melting Porint >1000 -

Process of flowsheet:

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