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Sandwich panel rock wool

Brand : Wonderlead
Product origin : Hebei,China
Delivery time : 7 days
Supply capacity : 3000 Tons per Month

Core materials for sandwich panels:

Sandwich panel rock wool board is the best kind of core material for metal-surface sandwich panels. Sandwich panel rock wool can be used to make flat-surface and molded sandwich panels,featuring preeminent fire resistance and thermal insulation preformance as well as good mechanical,windproof characterized by flexible and convenient application.

Product superiority:

1. High shear strengh,tensile strength and compressive strengh.

2. Good thermal insulation and sound absorption performance.

3. Excellent fire performance.

4. Good wether resistance.

5. Sandwich panel rock wool usability with a variety of panels,easy application,good safety performace.

Product size:

Product application:

1. Sandwich panel rock wool applicable to roofing and exterior walls of public buildings with demand for large space.(e.g.waiting hall) as well as stadium,exhibition hall and other Buildings with high requirements on indoor air conditioning and fire prevention;can be used with light air structure of net rack or tubular truss,featuring lightness,thermal insulation,fire resistance,safety,water resistance,sound absorption and durability.

2. Sandwich panel rock wool applicable to purification works with fairly high requirements on workshop cleanness and working environment,featuring low dust content,thermal insulation,water resistance and gas permeabitity,which can save operating cost to a high degree.

3. Sandwich panel rock wool applicable to interior partitions of composite houses and buildings,featuring lightness,flexible combination and convenient application.

Technical parameters:

Properties MSW105 MSW120 MSW150 UNIT Standard
Compressive strength 85 105 150 kPa EN 826
Shear Strength 60 80 100 kPa EN 12090
Tensile Strength 170 220 350 kPa EN 1607
Shot Content
≤5(Coarse shot size≥0.25mm)
≤30(Ultimate short size≥0.063mm)
GB/T 10295
Rockwool board Thermal conductivit λ25(slab) ≤0.036 ≤0.036 ≤0.036 W/mk
GB/T 10295
Rockwool core materials conductivit λ25((Lamella) ≤0.043 ≤0.043 ≤0.043 %
EN ISO 1182
GB/T 5464-1999
Fire preformance Non-combustible -
GB/T 8624-2006
Reaction to fire-Class A1 -
ASTM C1104
GB/T 5480.7
Fire Perfomance
30 to240 minutes depending on the thickness
and construction of the sandwich panel
Moisture Absorption <1 % byweight GB 10299
Water Repellence 98% % PREN 14509
Swelling After Aging Change in thickness after 24 hours in 65℃ and R.H.>95% % -
Melting Point >1000

Process of flowsheet:

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