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Curtain wall composite rock wool

Brand : Wonderlead
Product origin : Hebei,China
Delivery time : 7 days
Supply capacity : 3000 Tons per Month

Fireproof insulation rock wool board for curtain wall is specially designed for a variety of hanging curtain wall system applications,needing for the function of noise reduction,heat preserving,thermal insulation and fireproofing.curtain wall fire insulation rock wool board has a variety of different thicknesses to meet the diverse specifications and new construction applications,and has good dimensional stability and long service life equal to the useful life of the building.aluminum foil and other facing layers can be attached on the fire layer.
Firepoor black rock wool board is designed with special formual for curtain wall system,which meet higher requirement on fire insualtion.Its melting temperature is above 1150C,and ti has higher heat capacity and thermal stability to gain a high fire resistance,which will be more effective to prevent fire spreading in case of fire accident.The board is dark brown,and aluminum foil and other facing layers can be attached on the fire layer.

Product Name Fireproof insulation rock wool board for curtain wall/Firepoor black rock wool board
Density(kg/m3) 60 80 100 110
Thickness(mm) 50-150
Size(mm) 1200*600(50-150)

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Fireproof insulation rock wool products for curtain wall is used between curtain all and structure floor to attach on th surface of wall as thermal insulation layer and noise reduction layer,which will reduce the heat loss and save energy and fireproof.Fireproof black rock wool baord can be used alone or as a part of the system used in the gap between the wall,the role of fireworks barrier seal and fire direct for wall fire sealing and fire walls,fire doors,fire ceiling,fireworks barrier seal.This can from fire barrier and improve the overall fire performance of builidngs.Moreover,low density curtain wall board and fireproof insulation rock wool board can also fill a variety of wall pipe or irregular wall cracks for fire blocking.It's easy to cut and install.Products must be stored indoors,when placed outdoor,covering with waterproofing cloth is required.

Technical Properties:

Properties Unit


60 80 100 110
Combustion performance - Class A1 non-combustible,no burning dropping and poisonous smoke,low mass ratio,and no continnuous flasme. GB/8624
Hydrophobic rate % ≥98.0 GB/T 25975
The maximun temperature 750 GB/8624
Fire endurace Hour 1-2 Range from 1-2 hours as the difference structure and thicknesses GB/T 9978
Acidity ration - ≥1.8 GB/T 5480
Moisture absorption rate % ≤1.0 GB/T 25975
Thermal conductivity(average 25℃) W/(m.k) ≤0.040 GB/T 25975
Dimensional stability % ≤1.0 GB/T 25975
Water absorption(Partial Immersion) kg/m2 Short term(24h)≤1.0 GB/T 25975
Long term(28d)≤3.0
Corrosiveness - No corrosion -

Process of flowsheet:

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