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Formaldehyde free glass wool

Brand : Wonderlead
Product origin : Hebei,China
Delivery time : 7 days
Supply capacity : 3000 Tons per Month

1. Glass wool was used for building materials, and steel structure insulation.

2. Soundproof and fireproof used for wall and roof of house.

3. Heat preservation for steel structure building.

4. Heat Insulation for wall and roof of house to save energy.

5. For indoor partition wall, train compartment.

Formaldehyde free glass wool

Adopting edible plant ecological binder, this product is processed by the special craft .Compared with ordinary glass wool, it does not contain formaldehyde and acrylic, smelling fragrant like bread, and the fiber is finer, much softer , stronger toughness and better elasticity . This product is the best choice of energy conservation, environmental protection, noise reduction materials in the field of industrial, commercial, residential, and other areas , with better heat preservation, heat insulation sound-absorbing, noise reduction and environmental protection.

Performance advantages of Wonderlead Fiberglass wool

Health and environmental protection

Based on the superlength and superfine characteristics of the glass wool,Wonderlead glass wool improves the environment protection performance to a great extent. It has following characteristics: overlength and superfine fiber no slag ball formaldehyde-free acrylic acid free

Natural binder

Wonderlead glass wool adopts purely natural plant binder which has no petrochemical raw materials. Without formaldehyde and acrylic acid , also has no harmful gas, so it is healthy and environment friendly.

Superfine and overlength fiber

Wonderlead glass wool is produced by special technology, which makes the fiber finer and longer, also makes the glass wool uniform and without slag. Thereby it greatly improves the tensile resistance、vibration resistance and strength of the glass wool whole structure the overall structural strength, the performance of tensile and shock resistance.

Excellent performance of thermal insulation and sound absorption

Compared with the ordinary glass wool, the fiber of Wonderlead glass wool is much longer and finer, just like down and cutton. The glass wool has smaller pores and more air layers, which achieves an more excellent thermal insulation and sound absorption performance.

Soft and no stimulation

The fiber of purely natural Wonderlead glass wool is much slender and soft. and it doesn’t hurt the skin. With tiny cutting edge, little scatter and small loss, it greatly improves the comfort of workers and installation efficiency. Meanwhile, it greatly reduces the material loss.

High-hydrophobic performance

The hydrophobicity of Wonderlead glass wool is more than 98%, which reduces the negative effects of air moisture to the material. If adding specific clad on the glass wool, this product will have more durable thermal insulation performance.

Hydrophobic glass wool felt and Hydrophobic glass wool boards technical parameters:

DensityKg/m310-100GB/T 5480.3-1985
Average fiber dia.μ m5.5GB/T 5480.4-1985
Water content%≤1GB/T 3007-1982
Grade of combustibility
Non-combustible Grade A1GB 8624-1997
Reshrinking temp.≥250GB/T 11835-1988
Thermal conductibilityw/m·k0.038-0.06GB/T 10294-1988
Hydrophobicity%≥98.2GB/T 10299-1988
Moisture rate%≤5GB/T 16401-1986
Sound absorption coefficient

1.03 product reverberation method

24kg/m3 2000HZ


Slag inclusion content%≤0.3GB/T 5480.5

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