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Polymer anti crack mortar

Brand : Wonderlead
Product origin : Hebei,China
Delivery time : 7 days
Supply capacity : 3000 Tons per Month

Polymer cement Crack Resistant Plastering Insulation Mortar for external walls and internal walls


The anti crack mortar is composed of cement, quartz sand and polymer cementing material, and is composed of a variety of additives, which are mainly used for the anti crack protective layer outside the insulation layer. Polymer cracking mortar is professional for vitrified bricks cenosphere insulation layer and polystyrene particles insulation layer plastering crack of the ideal material, role of anti crack mortar in the insulation system is very important.

Normal dosage: thickness 2mm per square meter is about 3 kg.


The anti crack mortar cover surface of the insulation system can effectively solve the external wall thermal insulation heat preservation, heat insulation, anti seal compression, fire resistance, freezing and thawing problem, also has good flexibility, high bond strength, anti crack and waterproof effect is good, the operation is convenient, easy to control, environmental safety. 


1. Anti-crack mortar for exterior wall thermal insulation polystyrene Board, extruded sheet bonding and plastering to prevent cracking.

2. Polymer cracking mortar is mainly used for "exterior insulation system of polystyrene board, plastic extruded board plastering, anticrack protective layer," polystyrene particles insulation mortar thermal insulation system "in the surface of anticrack protective layer, aerated concrete block wall plastering, anti crack mortar layer.

Designed for exterior insulation and finish systems: glass beads of inorganic insulation plaster cracking mortar protective layer of polystyrene board insulation materials, stable quality, easy construction, environmental protection products, non-toxic, no smell, no radiation, with high technical indicators within the building exterior insulation system of high-quality products and services.

Technical Date:

Operating time


Tensile bond strength


Immersion tensile bond strength




compressive strength


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