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Sectional pipe insulation rock wool

Brand : Wonderlead
Product origin : Hebei,China
Delivery time : 7 days
Supply capacity : 3000 Tons per Month

Building materials rock wool pipe insulation material rock wool pipe

Rock wool pipe takes basalt as the main raw material. The basalt is made into a kind of inorganic fiber by high-speed centrifugal equipment after melting in high temperature. At the mean time, adding a certain percentage of binder, dust laying oil and silicon oil. Heat insulation is the biggest performance.


Rock wool pipe Widely used in the thermal insulation of the industrial boiler and equipment pipe in the fields of ptroleum,chemistry,metallurgy,ship building,and textile as well as the thermal insulation and sound absorption of partition,ceiling and internal and external wall in building area.

Technical parameters:

Properties QSRB7.5 QSRB10 QSRB15 QSEL80 QSEL100 Unit Standard
Compressive strength (Perpendicular to surface) ≥40 ≥60 ≥80 - - kPa GB/T 13480
Compressive strength (Parallell to fiber) - - - 80 100 kPa GB/T 13480
Tensie strenght(Perpendicular to fiber) ≥7.5 ≥10 ≥15 - - kPa JG149-2003
Tensie strenght(Parallel to fiber) - - - 150 200 kPa JG149-2003
Thermal conductivity(Average temperature 25°C) ≤0.040 ≤0.040 W(M.K) GB/T 10295
Fire performance Non-combustible - GB/T 8624-2012
Acidity coefficient ≥1.8 - GB/T 5480
Water repellence rate ≥99 % GB/T 10299
Water absorption(Partial immerson) <0.5 KG/M2 GB/T 25975-2010 Appendix B
Moisture absorption rate by weight <0.5 % GB/T 5480
Moisture resistance factor μ Approximately is 1.5 - GB/T 17146
Noise reduction coefficient(NRC) ≥0.6 - GB/T18696.1
Dimensional stability ≤0.5 % GB/T8811
Melting point ≥1000 oC DIN4102-17
Thickness deviation ±3 MM GB/T 5480
Squareness ≤5 MM/M GB/T 5480
Flatness ≤5 MM GB/T 25975-2010 Appendix A

Process of flowsheet:

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